Flair, intensity, energetic and funky… all words used to describe this lively ceramic design by Giovanna D'Alo of Puglia. Raised in a family of master ceramicists, Giovanna D'Alo brings her own youthful perspective to the art of creating ceramics. With hues like candy that literally spill across the white ceramic forms, we can’t help but smile every time we hold one of her pieces in our hands.  >> Shop the Splash!  Collection

EnzA Ceramics

Enza Fasano is a native of Puglia, and a proud representative of this region's historically rich tradition of ceramics. Inspired by the colors, sunlight and textures of Puglia’s coast, all of her tableware lines are bound to captivate. She works with a range of natural and geometric motifs, each one an interpretation of the natural landscape which surrounds her.                     >> Shop the Enza Collections



A reflection of Cassandra's art, these eye-catching fun ceramics are hand painted in Tuscany in a small local workshop. The bold lemons, pomegranates, grapes, and flowers float on a cream background and are highlighted with 20 carat gold leaf. The use of gold leaf echoes Cassandra's paintings and requires a third firing of the ceramic pieces in order to achieve the desired effect.  >> Shop the Cassandra Collection