Sandalo Handbag Travel Set

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GdS-Ortigiz Sandalo Handbag gift set.jpg

Sandalo Handbag Travel Set


Handbag includes:

  • Soap bar
  • Shower gel
  • Body cream
  • Bath salts sachet
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Sandalo:  Rich, complex, and sophisticated scent of exotic trees-- sandalwood, cedar, and teak infused with vetiver.

Product Details

  • Soap:  40 g
  • Pure vegetable glycerine
  • Shower Gel:  70 ml  (2.4 fl. oz)
  • Pure liquid glycerine
  • Foams in bath, lathers in shower
  • Body Cream:  70 ml  (2.4 fl. oz)
  • Enriched with olive oil and lanolin
  • Bath Salts:  75 g
  • 100% Sicilian sea salt
  • Naturally colored
  • Free of parabens and additives
  • Not tested on animals