The rich and varied colors of the rolling countryside of Italy have been a source of inspiration to artists throughout the centuries. They continue to inspire us today as you will discover when you view our beautiful range of exquisite hand-painted ceramic tableware, elegant home décor pieces and our distinctive selection of volcanic stone tables and furnishings.

Over the years we have dedicated our efforts to searching out and discovering talented artisans and craftsmen tucked away in the small towns and villages of Italy, from regions including Umbria, Tuscany, Lazio, Campagnia and Puglia. Our artisans produce ceramics, glassware, decorative pieces and stone tables in their own carefully crafted designs and for many of them Giardini di Sole is their only representative in North America. Above all else, we are dedicated to our artisans - seeking to introduce and promote their unique creations to a wider public.


From Tuscany to Puglia, Italy, this collection embodies intensity, energy and eye-catching design, including one of a kind pieces with gold leaf and hand painted details.


Unpretentious in appeal, our casual collection is a natural reflection of local life in Tuscany - inviting, relaxed and fresh. The designs of this collection all exude a sense of welcome and gracious entertaining.


Our classic collection includes beautiful, highly detailed ceramic patterns – the expression of luxurious warmth intertwined with rich motifs and imaginative elegance.