Scenes of pastoral Tuscany decorate this intricately detailed ceramic design. Hand-painted in Tuscany, this ceramic set is perfect for brunch with friends or an afternoon tea. The Quattro Stagioni collection includes a different color scheme for each season: chestnut red for winter, apple green for spring, cerulean blue for summer and burnt sienna for fall.                  >> Shop the Quattro Stagioni Collection



Blending traditional and novel motifs, this ceramic design exudes color. The design of pomegranates, lemons and grapes surrounded by a rich indian red background is juxtaposed to a contrasting design of blueberries and light foliage which float on a sky blue surround. Available in a variety of combinations of elements, a highly individualized table setting can be created for any home.                                                       >> Contact us for additional information on the         Rosso Tango Collection


Lemons have always been favored by Italian ceramicists - the bright yellow lemons and green foliage floating on a blue background seem to perfectly evoke the feeling of sunny Italy. This beautiful Limoni pattern is hand-painted by two talented artisans in a small town in central Tuscany. In this design they have drawn upon the traditional lemon motif to create a lovely pattern with a unique twist, injecting a touch of art deco into the design.                                                    >> Shop the Limoni Collection