Amalfi Coast

Lauren Wells: the Amalfi Coast, Ceramics, & top picks at GdS

Hello! I am Lauren Wells, creative director, content producer and travel influencer behind Lauren Stephanie Wells. I love exploring new places and experiencing new cultures, and Italy remains one of my favorite countries to visit - especially the Amalfi Coast!


Whenever we visit someplace new, my husband and I make it a point to find a souvenir that is authentic to the community, locally made, or a thoughtful treasure from the trip. Whether a handcrafted piece of art or simply a piece of sea glass, meaningful souvenirs are the best. 

While in Italy, ceramics were everywhere. The most beautiful colors and patterns - a true feast for the eyes! When I first became acquainted with Giardini di Sole, I felt like I had been transported back to that beautiful coastline, surrounded by the most stunning ceramics, home decor and furniture

I was also thrilled to learn that Giardini di Sole offers a wedding registry, as it is the perfect place to register. Especially if the newlyweds are planning a honeymoon to Italy - I can't imagine a better place to furnish a home. One of the products that really caught my eye was the 'Flowstone' - beautiful lava stone tiles in an array of colors, you can create anything (from a table to a backsplash to a swimming pool) as monochrome or as colorful as you please. Genius!

It was a joy meeting Libby and seeing all of the products firsthand, and I highly recommend an in-store visit if you have not already been.