Natino Chirico Show in Boston June, 2019

The Magic of Color

Paintings by Natino Chirico at Giardini di Sole

Saturday, June 1 through Sunday June 30, 2019

Natino Chirico’s mastery of color and line results in paintings infused with vitality. Giardini di Sole is pleased to showcase the Roman painter for his first show in Boston. His vivacious canvases galvanize us in both 30 cm and 40 cm square sizes.

Born in Reggio Calabria, Natino studied art in Milan’s Accademia di Belle arti di Brera and with artists in Rome before embarking on a career that led to collaborations with fashion designers and commissions for portraits of popes. With more than 100 expositions on his curriculum, his work inspires vitality, ambition and positivity.

On May 31, 2019 at 6 pm at I Am Books, Natino and Anthony Brooks, reporter for WBUR will talk about the contemporary art scene in Rome and Italy.

Giardini di Sole always enjoys featuring talented Italian artists and artisans. 

“A mutual friend in Rome introduced us to the work of Natino Chirico and we are thrilled to showcase his work in our SoWa showroom,” said Libby Morris., the Giardini di Sole Boston Director. 

“Exuberant, celebratory and joyful - Natino's paintings lifts the spirits of all who encounter his work.  Please stop by the showroom during June to experience this magical exhibition.”