Registering for Gifts

It was truly a relaxing evening at the Savvy Bride Boutique last Friday.  The very clever Myriam Michel created an opportunity for newly engaged couples to pose questions about the wedding planning process.  Representatives from various aspects of the wedding business were happy to share their perspectives.

Toasting the newly engagedRepresenting our lovely Boston showroom was Libby, who shared this interesting question from one of the participants.

“We’ve been living together for a while, and don’t really need kitchen items or linens. Why should we register for our wedding?”

Libby applauds such pragmatic thinking, but pointed out the following:

In our culture, gift giving at weddings is a tradition.  Your friends and family want to to give you something that commemorates your commitment and the occasion.  Creating a registry makes gift giving easier for them. It may seem selfish, but people would rather know that it’s something you will use and cherish.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to take stock of what you have.   What about lamps, larger serving platters, home accessories? Going through the registry process makes you a better educated consumer.  Looking at the market offering may lead you to things that would really be helpful for entertaining, or making the day easier.  Don’t assume you have everything you need.  It’s also a chance to update, choosing items that coordinate with the things you already own.Giardini di Sole sells volcano stone tables

Your registry doesn’t have to be for basic home goods, either.  Perhaps a stone table, art or travel fits your gift wishes best.  People are happy to give gift cards or cash toward a larger purchase that would be meaningful to you.

Well said, Libby. And thanks again to Myriam for organizing an alternative to the traditional bridal fair!

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