April 13: A Splash of Italy’s Puglia

Our Boston showroom will be awash with ceramics and tastes of southern Italy when Giovanna Alò comes to town on April 13. Join us from 5 to 8 pm to meet Giovanna and taste traditional dishes from Puglia, prepared by Chef Aldo D’Amico of Grottaglie, Italy.

“Splash” is Giovanna’s tableware line that we currently feature and  is proving such a hit with our wedding registry.Splash bowls in blue, green, violet by Giovanna Alo are sold by Giardini di Sole
Inspired by the imperfection yet opportunity of color on bright white ceramics,  “Splash” symbolizes a change in a point of view.  Giovanna seeks to reinterpret a “mistake” into a strong design statement yielding entirely energetic and elegant tableware.  Careful application of the glaze makes each piece unique and seemingly spontaneous.

The line includes plates, bowls, serving dishes, mugs, tea pots, tea cups, sugar bowls pitchers and a gravy bowl in seven vibrant colors: red, fuschia, green, blue, violet, orange and gray.Giardini di Sole sets the table with Splash by Giovanna Alo

Giovanna loves the flexibility of ceramics; casting and glazing give her endless creative possibilities. She’ll launch her ceramic necklace line at the April event as well as unveil her new ceramic designs. Ceramic Jewelry by Giovanna Alo unveiled at Giardini di Sole April 2012

Growing up in her family’s ceramics business, she’s had plenty of opportunity to learn the ropes, hone her skills and explore the possibilities.  In 2009, she received her degree in Industrial Design from the University La Sapienza in Rome.  Giovanna lives and mostly works in Grottaglie, and the colors, textures and flavors of Puglia are among her favorites.

Loving food as we do, it only makes sense to celebrate the taste of Puglia as well. Stay tuned as we present the menu, recipes and videos of Aldo preparing for the big night!

Hope to have a toast with you on April 13!
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  1. Sandy
    March 29, 2012 at 6:29 pm (4 years ago)

    Looks like a great evening. I look forward to seeing her new designs.


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